Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bella's Lullaby Sheet Music

For those of you piano players, Someone on youtube has arranged their version of Carter Burwell's lullaby for piano. I, myself am a piano player and have tested out the sheet music and it seems pretty close to the real thing. Here is the links to the sheet music:

page 1

page 2

Video of the music being played (no, it's not me):

In my opinion they played it a bit fast and could have slowed it down a little bit but otherwise a wonderful job.


The girl in a Pepsi bottle said...

Are you actually Kristen Stewart?

The girl in a Pepsi bottle said...

Are you actually Kristen Stewart?!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi can i please ask u a huge favor?
u had the video bella and edward-ready for love by cascada...
can u please put it on youtube.i was lookin for it since last year i love that video it is beautiful..n i really want to see it!just today i found out that u deleted it,canu please put it back?????pleaseee,thank you very much!(=

Natalie said...

No I am not Kristen Stewart, and I'm sorry but I don't have that video anymore.... I wasn't the original uploader.

The girl in a Pepsi bottle said...

oh well. I'm a HUGE FAN of TWILIGHT! I love it to bits!!!!!!!! I just read the books over and over and over again! It's looks like your a big fan to.
You can visit my twilight blog at
I haven't really got much on it apart from vids down the bottom and pics on the side and a few posts but i will put more on

a.schiphorst said...

Thank you so much for the sheet music. I can't play piano. But this lullaby is the reason I want to learn to play piano. I hope in future I can play this and many more.
Thank you
Angélique, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

The Pianist said...

Wow... this is simple, beautiful, but really easy!:)

Anonymous said...

OMG just discovered this site
luv it and ILY hoo eva made it!!!
i luv twilight more than any 1 inm this world does!!!! ILY
god this is AWESOME!!
can you get the movie version sheet music 4 bellas lullaby!!
wuv ME!! *twilight luva* TEAM EDWARD!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making this site. And thanks for the notes <33:)

wdm\mcr girl said...

omg i like i was adtioning for the new borns in eclispe it was so cool i didnt see any twilight stars unfortunenatly i also a big fan of twilight hey here's a poll who do u think is a better jane dakota fanning or jodelle ferland

Maci said...

is this music as hard to play as it looks??? i just started to play piano but i'm pretty good and i was wondering how impossible it would be for me to play it.


hazimax said...

as a piano player can i ask a weird question... the bits of the song that are "1.45 for the next 20 seconds or so " on this link which bit are they on the musical notes??

Anonymous said...

This was really beautiful!! Thank-you!!!