Thursday, November 20, 2008

Midnight showing!!!!!! ****

ok wow. I honestly don't even know where to start with this. Let me just say that the movie surpassed all of my expectations. It was just right and what all of the critics are saying are the perfect things. If you haven't read the books, then you most likely would not find very much talent in the actors or understand the storyline very well. The movie stayed to the core of the story wonderfully. Robert Pattinson could not have done a better job. His voice was velvet, scary when needed, and his facial expressions delivered with ease. It almost seemed natural to him. Kristen Stewart was definitely clumsy and did not look like she was forcing it, like rob she looked natural (except for a few parts the way she talked was a bit odd but other than that it was phenomenal). All of the guys were hilarious and I don't just mean the cullens, I mean even the humans were! Mike, Tyler, and Eric were perfect. When you go see it keep an eye on Mike especially and you'll see why I'm mentioning him exclusively. (haha) I'm very happy with the turnout and definitely do not think that it put a damper on the book. Before, I thought they were over-hyping it wayyyyyy too much and I was waiting for it to turn out horrible. Everything that Summit, the directors, the actors, and Stephenie did to promote this film and hype it up did not fail. This movie will make millions, we already know that, and it is definitely obvious that New Moon will be made into a movie. They left kind of a cliff-hanger like ending after the prom and so that is definitely a good show of the director's and summit's confidence that there will be a sequel. As for me: I'm signing off and going to bed. I've got to get up for school in about 3 hours and I don't think that'll go over too well. Then as soon as that 3:05 bell rings I'm heading straight to Gymnastics practice and then making a beeline for the movie theater to see it again. I don't think that movie will ever get old to me. I hope that those of you who were not fortunate enough to see a midnight showing of the movie will enjoy it later this afternoon and please post your opinions!! I'd love to know what everyone is thinking about the movie.

Good night and sweet dreams!



April Lyn said...

hi natalie, it will be shown in the Phils 26th of november and I can't wait any longer. Love your blog. Do you have the complete movie? Can you post? Thanks alot!

-April Lyn

Janet said...

Hey I read your blog a lot and I am a major twilighter. However I was soooo let down by the movie!! I am so upset by the lack of love story!! I went to see the Bella and Edward love story and it just was not there!! I am having my doubts that Cathrine Hardwick realy even read the enitre book! She just tried to cram too much into the movie but not enough of the love between Edward and Bella. I already have tickets to see it Fri. and Sat. because I had such high hopes. I am just hoping that I like it better the second and third times around beacuse I WANT to love it but right now I just can't!!

Ms.Amiri said...

hi, i have to say, i couldn't agree with you more. I saw the movie last night..and it was hilarious, romantic, and some specific parts did knock the wind out of me...(literally). And just as you said, there was a couple of parts in the movie, that if you didn't read the wouldn't understand why the where acting in that sertain way. the movie was amazing!!!! and i can't wait till the others!!

Janet said...

OK this is Janet again I have to change my comment because having now seen the movie 3 times I am now a lover not a hater!!! It keeps getting better and better! I will be going LOTS more!! Long live Twilight!!! :) And bring on New Moon woo hoo!!!

Mikaela said...

This movie (and the books ofc) is amazing! I saw the premiere and going to watch the movie today as well.
God - I can't wait - really!!
Love your blog by the way :)