Sunday, November 16, 2008

Special Surprise

READ FIRST::: Here is 8 minutes of the Twilight movie. It was shown during the Roman Film Festival and of course some smart fan was taping it, like the extended version of the ballet scene we saw, you can hear the fans in the theatre screaming and yelling so just be prepared for that. There was a version of this on Youtube with subtitles but mr. mean old Youtube just HAD to take it off. Recently someone has created a video for you to be able to download it which you can do so here. I should remind you that by watching this you technically are spoiling part of the film for yourself. So watch at your own risk (although after I finished watching it, it made me all that more excited to go see it on the big screen). In this scene we just see an extended version of Bella meeting the Cullens at their house and them jumping through the trees. Also we hear Bella's Lullaby playing at the end. =] Don't get mad at me if you decide to watch it and feel like you've been shown too much, remember that this is 8 minutes of a 2 hour long film so don't worry, there is still much to be watched.
reminder: download here

EDIT: I found the subtitled one so if you would still like to view it with subtitles, here is the link, at least until they take it down.

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