Thursday, September 11, 2008

The News

The rating of Twilight has finally been released! It has been rated pg-13. received the most recent movie ratings and Twilight was on the list! In my opinion this is just the right rating for the movie. If it had been rated any less or any more we, the fans, would definitely be questioning the content of the movie and how true it really did stick to the book. If they do decide to make more of the Twilight Saga into movies, then probably all of them are going to be pg-13. If they did Breaking Dawn it would be impossible to stick 100% to the book due to the explicit content in it. They would need to change a lot of key scenes in the movie for it. I hope they do make all of the books into movies though. It would be really cool to see.

Also Stephenie Meyer will make an appearance on Ellen on Wednesday, September 17th so don't forget to check your local listings for when Ellen will be showing in your area.


As many of you have already heard, the twilight movie cast made an appearance at this year's vmas. Here is a video of their appearance: (Link)

hmmmm... I wonder what happened that had made Russell want to cut Rob off? haha the world may never know

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