Thursday, September 11, 2008

Very Upsetting


Recently I was sent a message on youtube telling me about this website that has upset me very much. The people on it claim they aren't haters, but that's honestly what the site is. It's a hate site for the Twilight series. The people on the site disliked Breaking Dawn so much that they have created a petition against it. It supposedly had about 1,000 signatures. They even sent it to Stephenie's brother Seth to try to be heard. The petition is not legal as it is done online but it is still upsetting. This is the website: The Dark Side

Here is what i sent back to the person who made me aware of the website.

I absolutely loved breaking dawn. Thank you for sending this too me. Everyone who has ever read breaking dawn and loved it has every right in the world to be upset and moody about this. I certainly am and would like to voice it.

What I would like to say to the creator of the petitioner:

Oh come on. People really need to stop doing this. The way they were criticizing her was way out of line. they were saying such things as "8 year olds are reading about sex, abortion, and pregnancy and she's proud of it?" Stephenie had the entire series in her head before it became so popular. Would you change the work you envisioned just to please a few mothers and other adults? It's like a painting with nudity in it. It's art, and you don't denounce it. Cover your child's eyes if you don't want them to see something that a true artist has created. The same goes for literature. You can't keep your children protected from everything in the world no matter how hard you try, I'm sorry but you just can't. Also they are FICTIONAL characters. This isn't happening in real life. Anything can happen. Why would you question how a vampire can get a human pregnant? Science can't answer that for you because it ISN'T real, it's in a book for crying out loud. These people sound like they're looking for complicated scientific answers to everything Stephenie Meyer has created. She's not a scientist, she's an author with a creative mind. The creator of this petition acts as if the Twilight characters are hers and they made up the rules. He/she claims that they are not trying to hurt stephenie meyer's feelings with these harsh criticisms, but how would you feel if you created something that was so great and then someone comes along and says, no your imagination was wrong, this is the way it should be. It's like people are telling the creators of sesame street that they didn't truly imagine big bird to be yellow, he's actually green. You can't expect someone to take that lightly. She has come a long way since 2005 and still has much to learn. Although she may not seem it, she truly is still a new writer. JK rowling has had over 10 years in the writing industry. You really can't compare the experience. They both are very talented authors who have the gift of writing something that a wide variety of people love. I'm not meaning to call Stephenie lacking, because she certainly isn't. There is always is room for improvement though. I am a 15 year old highschool freshman addressing a realm of middle aged adults. Of course some of you don't like it, she could have actually tried to write something to please every single twilight reader out there but it truly is impossible. The plot was envisioned and thus written down. It is the way it is and I don't understand why they are petitioning against it. It's not like you could wipe the book off the face of the planet, and you can't stop Stephenie Meyer from writing down her stories that so many people enjoy. You may call me rude and ignorant for this note but it's the truth. Stephenie Meyer has absolutely no reason to respond to those signatures, the opinions are voiced and even acknowledged by the official sites webmaster. What more do they want? An official letter hand written by Stephenie herself? a box of chocolates saying "i'm sorry i disappointed you?" It's ridiculous to criticize a book like that. Sorry, but it is.

There I have voiced my opinion. Oh and also a few days after I found out about this, Stephenie posted her faq about Breaking Dawn and answered almost everything those petitioners were doubting. I laughed when she explained about how a human can get pregnant with a vampire's child. View the faq here

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