Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on Stephenie Meyer's website

Set updated the website with just some regular news about the extra books about/for the saga near the end of this year and Stephenie's appearance on Ellen tomorrow. Here's the original post:


September 16, 2008

Good news — Stephenie will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17th! To find out what time the show airs in your area, click here to use their cool map and schedule. I hope you enjoy the show!

A few weeks ago we announced the new editions and books coming out in the next few months. Only two of them currently have release dates on Amazon.com, so I thought I would post links to those two so that you can read what they're all about. The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide comes out at the end of December, and Twilight (Mass Market Paperback) comes out on October 28, 2008. And, speaking of the Twilight Saga, if you haven't ever been to Borders Twilight Saga page, and you have some time to kill, I would suggest checking out some of their exclusive videos.

And one final link... the Twilight READ Poster is being sold by the American Library Association. A lot of people have asked me about posters in the past, and I thought that this one is very cool.

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