Monday, October 20, 2008

News over the past few days: Catch up

Sorry my posts have not been quite as frequent as when the blog was first getting started. I've been swamped with school work and my gymnastics coaches are starting to kick it up a notch. This post will catch up on most of the main news:

First up: Part of Twilight soundtrack online through youtube. Check it out here.

Second: On October 21st at 9 pm on spike tv the 2008 scream awards will be premiering along with world premiere footage of the Twilight film. I personally have never even heard of spike tv or the scream awards so I'm just going to rely on fellow twilighters to get that footage uploaded to the web for everyone else to view. If I find a link to the footage then I will definitely be posting it to the blog. No promises though.

Third: The company that has made the cullen crest jewelry for the cullen family in the Twilight movie will be releasing some of their merchandise onto amazon. The majority of these items are made for pre-order so some do not have official images yet.
Cullen crest merchandise:
Edward's wrist cuff
Entire set ----> I really want this one!!!!!
Esme's bracelet
Rosalie's necklace
Alice's Choker

Well don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the Scream Awards! The footage will be presented by Cam Gigandet. Also Hot Topic has rolled out yet another Twilight shirt so be sure to check that out as well.

Well good night! I need to get some sleep if I expect to pass my Math midterm tomorrow.... ha wish me luck!


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