Thursday, October 30, 2008


Up first: The Twilight Saga: the official guide which was scheduled to be released on December 30th of this year is now being moved to 2009. To read more information go here.

New scene from the movie has been released!! In this one minute clip we see Edward and Bella at lunch. To view on MSN go here. I have also uploaded this to youtube so if you would rather view it on youtube you can also go here.

Twilight Tuesday: Yes I know it's Thursday but here it is anyway. This week is the cast answering questions from the fans. It's a pretty good week, here's the video:

Hot Topic once again has more Twilight merchandise to offer. They have stickers, pins, books, new shirts, and also you can preorder the soundtrack through their site if you so wish.

On Saturday, November 17th starting at 7 pm at most borders there will be "Are You Ready for Twilight??" parties. This is what the event will include according to a press release from Borders:

Party Like A Vampire Nov. 15!

Most Borders and Waldenbooks stores nationwide will welcome fans Saturday, Nov. 15 beginning at 7 p.m. for free “Are You Ready for Twilight?” parties designed to give those anxious for the film’s release an outlet to express their passion for all things “Twilight.” Guests are encouraged to come in costume!

Parties can include activities such as a sure-to-be lively movie discussion where fans can debate what they expect from the film, “Twilight” charades, a quote contest challenging knowledge of the books and more. In addition, part of the fun for Borders store customers will be a listening party featuring the film soundtrack. Fans at some Borders stores will also be treated to a special viewing of the “Twilight” film DVD screener featuring behind-the-scenes peeks. Some stores will also host additional activities such as fortune telling, creative writing, and more.

Visit to search for your local store’s plans and for more information.

Also if you go here borders has some pretty great behind the scenes footage of the Twilight movie.

And finally: Twilight inspired ice cream?????? What's that about? To find out go here.

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