Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Twilight hand campaign

This was from a while ago but I never got to share it so here it is. The Twilight hand campaign was started by user redlotusflower. This was going on while we were all still eagerly awaiting the release for Breaking Dawn. What you would do is write on your left hand, curving around the base of your thumb: .:The Twilight Hour:. and you would keep that on there until you had finished reading Breaking Dawn. I was a participant and I had to keep rewriting it on my hand over and over again because it kept getting rubbed off while I was at gymnastics practice haha. What everyone on was doing was taking artistic shots of their hands and posting to Deviantart. Here is my hand:

The charms are part of a bracelet that I bought off ebay. It has all 4 book covers, the first twilight movie poster, a copper wolf charm, and a swarovski crystal (bella's bracelet!!). Also the clasp is an apple. Here is the bracelet:

If you are dying to have your own bella's bracelet but cannot afford one off of for 75 dollars, then go to ebay. Twilight fans have made unique Twilight bracelets that I'm sure you will be just as happy with, I know I sure am happy.

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