Friday, January 2, 2009

Bringing in the New Year with updates

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has had a good holiday.

There is an update on The Official Site of Stephenie Meyer.

"Since 2008 is almost over, I thought I would
take a minute to congratulate Stephenie on a successful year.
A lot of very exciting things have happened this year,
and it has been fun for those of
us who are fans of the writing to follow along."

Also there is another chapter added to the story Lovely Bella for those of you who have been following that story.

Soon I will be adding some other news widgets to the bottom of the page from sites such as and to help you guys keep up better with the news, because as you can already tell, I only post major things and items that catch my interest and would like to share with you. So look soon for those. =)


TwilightObbsessed** said...

It's me, (The girl in pepsi bottle), but I just changed my name to TwilightObsessed**.
I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor?
Could you please but a post on you blog about my blog- ?
Because heaps of people visit your blog and I get no visits, so I just thought it would be helpful.

Natalie said...

Sure I'll put up a special in the side bar. It also helps to advertise your blog on other sites such as youtube, fanpop, and facebook. That way you get more traffic.