Friday, January 23, 2009

Dakota Fanning as Jane??

I think she could do it. Fanning isn't what I pictured as Jane, but she has the potential to do it. I'll be posting a poll on the side for you guys to vote. If you don't think she would be good for the roll do you have another person you were thinking of? If so, please share in the comments

Younger Dakota (left) Older Dakota (right)

Here is an article from E! on the matter. Click here.


TwilightObbsessed** said...

I think she would fit the picture.
If you look on my blog
you will find an article on Vanessa Hudgens being Leah.
Do you mind if I put a post on Dakota Fanning on my blog, i don't want you to think I'm coping you though.

TwilightObbsessed** said...

Can you please help me. No one EVER visit's my blog, I only have 1 follower and she's the only one who ever votes on my polls.
I have just seen today that 29 people have voted on your poll already and you've still got 10 days to go.
Could you please do a POST about my blog, seeing as heaps of people visit yours they are bound to go to it then. I would just like more people to visit my blog with all the effort I've put into it

Anonymous said...

Leah Clearwater isn't even in the movie. Melissa rosenburg, the script writer, clarified this for us. Everything about vanessa hudgens isn't real.

Anonymous said...

I think she can do it, also. But when I picture Jane, I see Anna Sophia Robb.