Friday, January 23, 2009

Poll Results

The results are in yet again, this time with a total of 167 votes.  The question was: When would you prefer New Moon the movie to come out?  The most popular vote was that people were indecisive over the matter, just as I thought you guys would be.  Here is the total poll:

ASAP!!! I can't wait much longer!!! Who cares how bad it is??           27 (16%)

I want them to take their time on it and make it a good movie, I                   
could stand to wait a few extra months                                                  48 (28%)

I could really care less                                                                                   0   (0%)

I want to see it asap but I want it to be good too and take their                     
time....I can't decide!                                                                                  92 (55%)

Let's cross our fingers!!

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