Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight DVD Midnight Release Parties?

Wow, I've never heard of a midnight release party for DvDs. Now I feel like things are going a bit too far with all the hype. Will I end up going at midnight to buy Twilight on DvD to watch deleted scenes and extended footage?? Most likely. Should I??? No, I should wait and be rational and go early morning. But who really wants to be rational?? haha anyway, for those of you that are ecstatic by this news, here is an article from mtv reguarding the DvD release.

Also for those who wish to own it on Blue-ray, it will exclusively be available only at Best Buy and Target for a LIMITED TIME UNTIL MAY 5. So be sure to act quickly on that.


TwilightObbsessed** said...

Thanks for putting my blog on your recommended twilight blog list.
But it still hasn't seemed to make a difference to how many people visit my site. How come lots of people visit your blog, is it because you've been on blogger for awhile?
I can't wait till the DVD comes out in my county, i'll be gettin' in straight away!
i visit your blog everyday just to let you know, your blog enspires me to do well at my blog.

Manda said...

I found your blog through a YouTube video today. Awesome blog, love it!

TwilightObbsessed** said...

Hi Manda.
Thanks for being a follower on my blog. I'm on my way to having a more popular site. Do you like my blog is it helpful for Twilight freaks (twilighters)?